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You've got to love a barbecue joint where the self-declared slogan is ''a great place to get porked.'' Whether it's because of the smirk-inducing slogan, the excellent food, the friendly service or a combination of all three, owners Jerry and Kathy Hart have been developing a loyal customer base in Raleigh for years now.

Locals call the Eastern style, North Carolina barbecue at Ole Time the best they've ever had and with reason. The sauce -- a perfect blend of vinegar and peppers -- is a secret family recipe, passed down from generation to generation. The pork and chicken barbecue is astounding, although the hush puppies and fried apple sticks are also popular.

Ole Time's decor is clearly of the ''joint'' variety: It's just a handful of booths and a counter, tiny enough for patrons to hear the kitchen banter; but this joint is not without its appeal. The pig decor, featuring pig paintings, drawings and stuffed animals, is a hometown favorite. And Jerry and Kathy are on a first- name basis with most of the customers. -- Tom DiChiara -- citysearch.com